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Breaking Information For These Looking For Worry Attack Relief

Kathy -- "Excellent Evening. This is Kathy Cupcake from WPNS with this particular late-breaking news story. In another case of Penis Enlargement Gone Wild, another girl has fallen prey to an excessively big penis size. Peter Sizemore is now, stay, on the scene, to provide us the alarming details. Over to you, Peter:"

Peter -- "Thanks, Kathy. Folks, it's another case News today of Penis Enlargement Naturally Stimulated Shock (PENIS) I am afraid. It's the same kind of story: lady matches man, man matches lady, they date once or twice, and ultimately mind of to the bedroom. Unfortunately, that is another case where a man, who has enlarged his penis to substantial proportions, has failed to tell his partner that which was in store on her behalf and the email address details are clearly devastating. In this instance, bad Suzy Wantall was the latest prey in the countless supply of PENIS instances that have taken the country by surprise. Because penis enlargement is now this great fad we... Wait! Hang on, here comes poor people girl today, being wheeled on a stretcher with oxygen!"

Peter -- "Suzy! Excuse me! Suzy, Suzy Wantall... I am Peter Sizemore from WPNS, can you brain if I question you a few pre-determined questions for the audience in the home; would you reveal what happened...? Could you describe the activities that took place...? How do you sense; have you been okay?"

Suzy -- "Yeah, properly, I am still tired and still a little shocked. Just search at my arms, they're still shaking. You know, Richard felt like this type of normal and normal kind of man, you know what I mean, he only felt like this type of wonderful guy... I never expected him to be as, you know.. Big, I mean actually large like that... I mean he was huge... Alarming huge... And I need to admit... I just was not ready for it. You know, I just was not ready... When he undid his trousers, it was like this big anaconda was being released into the room... When he unleashed that large thing... I... I... I... I just was not ready because of it, I mean, I did not know how to proceed and, you know, I am only terrified of snakes; and I started to sense mild headed and it thought like this cloud was speeding to my mind, I started sensation dizzy, and then, you know, that's all From the, I suppose I just passed out..."

Peter -- "We're sorry to listen to that Suzy, we actually are. Can there be anything else you could add from what occurred?"

Suzy -- "Well, yeah, you know, women, you must be careful out there. I am serious. If you're able to, question about and believe it is out if a guy's been doing those penis workout points or perhaps not, because, you know, chances are if you're perhaps not organized for what you're going to see... Well, you're... You are going to end up the same as me...."

Peter -- "Thanks, Suzy, one more problem, if you do not brain: What occurred to this person, what did you state his title was, Richard?"

Suzy -- "Yeah, Richard. I am not sure what occurred to him, you know. I however I seen somebody state my father found him and was running after him like he was going to eliminate him. Proper now... I do not know where he's, but, you know, I am actually afraid for his life."

Peter -- "Are you going to push PENIS fees against him?"

Suzy -- "Oh Peter, oh number, oh number! I am expecting he squeezes them against me! I am desperate to see him again, in reality I can't probably delay to see him again. Now that I am around the first distress of everything, I absolutely desire to connect with him again; you know, I hope dad understands... Wait, wait... Wait a minute... Maintain on... Becky...? Becky is that you... Richard? Wait! Wherever have you been planning! There he is with my cousin! Wait! Wait! Don't run off! She's stealing my boyfriend!!! Richard, you child of a b..."

Peter -- "Ahem! There you've it, persons, another case of PENIS. Parents, warn your kids in regards to the risks of PENIS and help them learn the caution signs of a man who has enlarged herself to such substantial proportions!"

Peter -- "Back to you, Kathy!"

Kathy -- "Thanks, Peter. That has been Peter Sizemore stay from the website where another likelihood of PENIS has taken place. At this time, I've someone who is active in the Penis Enlargement process and I am going to question him some questions. For anonymity, his title has been changed, his voice has been improved, and his movie give is likely to be optically censored. We shall contact him Dr. XXX."

Kathy -- "Thanks for joining us, Dr. XXX. Since you are active in the penis enlargement process, what have you got to state in regards to the activities that took place this afternoon?"

Dr. XXX -- "Thanks, Kathy. Well, this is the way I see it: Weapons do not eliminate persons, persons eliminate people. In case a man enlarges herself and does not tell his partner about it, properly, that's his decision. Because I am involved in the process, does not show that I am responsible."

Kathy -- "But, surely, you must sense some responsibility for what's been happening."

Dr. XXX -- "Again, persons eliminate persons, perhaps not guns. Today, I do not accept of this kind of conduct, but it's a free country. You see, these guys who actually enlarge themselves are creating a game from the whole issue, this whole Shock The Woman game. I do not sense that's correct to allow them to do, but, like I said, it's a free country. I do not like it, but that's their choice centered on their own free will."

Kathy -- "Did you begin to see the President's speech last night regarding PENIS and him stating that Obamacare is NOT going to protect PENIS victims?"

Dr. XXX -- "Sure, I did so observe that, but, again, do not blame me for that. You've to realize which our representatives still have brilliant medical care that's perhaps not section of Obamacare, that us taxpayers have to spend the money for. So, them all and their families are included for PENIS, it's just the others people who aren't covered. If you have a challenge with that, take it up together, do not blame it on me."