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End of the World Countdown - The End-Time Reunite of Elijah

In the biblical countdown of events leading up to the finish of the planet, God is usually represented as exercising His capacity to inflict punishment and sufferings upon the wicked. But is that the sort of God we learn about in the scriptures? Are we to trust that the divine energy which was once useful for our protection is currently to be resolved in the destruction of those who find themselves perhaps not in contract together with his Creator? If we are to keep that see of God then we have to acknowledge that both He is perhaps not the person He states to be, or He is usually represented in the scriptures as performing most of the bad things that He just permits.

In his next epistle, the apostle Peter hence identifies the character of God towards the incredible:

"The Master isn't slack countdown timer regarding his promise, as some men depend slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, perhaps not willing that any must perish, but that all must arrived at repentance." 2Pet. 3:9

It has never been God's purpose to hurt any one of us. He has no joy in our sufferings. In line with the scriptures, hell fire was never designed for people but was "prepared for the Devil and his angels" (Matt. 25:41). Whatever occurs to the incredible will come as a result of the solidarity with Satan inside their sinful practices. There are therefore several things that God can do to bring an end to the world's ills, and the destruction of the incredible is just one method. In His endless wisdom, God must have regarded that to be the most ideal method of punishment.

It's really common for most observers, inside their countdown of end-of-the-world events, to claim that God will use His marvelous capacity to send fire upon our planet and destroy the wicked. Put simply, He'll definitely retaliate against every one who is perhaps not on His side. This see does not just contradict the typical Bible training about the sort of person God is, but inaddition it ignores the fact there are many texts that attribute to God disastrous events that He doesn't interpose to prevent. Here are a few examples:

1. God is represented whilst the One who killed King Saul (1Chron. 10:13, 14), but the actual fact of the history is that Saul was the one who dropped on his own sword (1Sam. 31:4).

2. God is represented as sending powerful delusions within the last days to deceive the incredible, but it will really be the task of Satan who works with "all energy and signals and resting wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness" (2Thess. 2:8, 9).

3. God is reported to be the one who attempt to destroy Work (Job 2:3), but it absolutely was, in fact, Satan who attempted to eliminate him (Job 1:9-12).

4. It's stated that God is the One who send the fire that damaged Job's sheep (Job 1:16), but from the history it absolutely was the task of Satan (Job 1:9-12).

5. The Bible stated that God "transferred" Mark to number the people in Israel (2Sam. 24:1), but it absolutely was in fact Satan who caused him to accomplish it (1Chron. 21:1).

Attributing the task of Satan to God is actually a manner of talking governed by the notion that since God is sovereign, He's full get a handle on around what He prevents and what He permits. But in a few of these cases in the scriptures, there is also the evidence that it was generally thought that organic disasters result from God. As you examine God's role in end-of-the-world events, you should let your examine to be advised by these various situations. In gentle of this remark, well-known issue is, what'll then occur at the Next Coming?

Within my contemplation of God's role in the prophetic countdown of events relating to the finish of the planet, I discover the history of Gideon in the book of Judges really instructive. It absolutely was about how precisely God employs 3 hundred men to defeat thousands of players of Midian. In that alleged war all that Gideon army did was to blow a trumpet, break a pitcher, and shout, "the sword of the Master, and of Gideon" and cause the large army of Midian to eliminate one another. You can read that history in Judges 7.

Interestingly, that appear to be always a related situation as to the is chronicled in the book of Zechariah. In his countdown of end-of-the-world events, the prophet Zechariah declares:

"And it shall arrived at pass in that time, that the good tumult from the Master will be one of them; and they shall set hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his hand shall increase up against the hand of his neighbour." Zech. 14:13

With the present amassing of nuclear weaponry as a major element of planning for war, it is not difficult to trust that man may one day destroy themselves. Considering the fact nuclear energy, in the quantity where it is available nowadays, is effective at ruining that world 30 situations around, can it be that the planet may result in a conflagration on account of the incredible turning against each other?

As we follow the countdown of conclusion of the planet events, and the countless alerts about how a Master may destroy the incredible, you'll need to take into account the curses that crime has had upon the world. The entrance of crime is weighed with timeless consequences which our merciful God has been restraining for thousands of decades mainly because His beloved Child, from the beginning, has pledged to take our place (Rev. 13:8; St. Jn 1:29). Those who refuse that provision will ultimately experience the organic consequences and perish, while those who accept the Lamb of God as their Alternative could have everlasting living (St. Jn 3:16).

God doesn't warn people about a judgment since He is planning to eliminate all those who find themselves perhaps not with Him. Every term of exhortation to show from our sins is an effort to shield people from the organic results of pursuing a living of transgression. The ultimate consequences of crime is likely to be noticed in the greatest wickedness of men towards his fellowmen at Christ's return.